Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Life is not that plane you know…

So what is it then?
The fact that you wake up at an unusual time?
The fact that you carry a suitcase?
That you wonder whether people wonder where you’re going?
Is it the time to yourself?
Is it the fact that it’s dead time, not really time that you can use for any other purpose apart from changing your location? Waiting time. Waiting for the bus, then your stop, then the train and then you are there, at that big platform of crossovers. The airport…
Duty free shops, cafes… Will you grab a coffee? Will you grab something to eat? Sweet or savoury? Yes, grab a newspaper! Where do you sit to wait?
Reading, people watching…Children with mini luggage, overexcited; and mothers trying to make them behave. Put yourself in either position; How exited and careless….or how frustrated…
So why do you like airports that much?
They are a middle situation; you are going somewhere but you still haven’t left. There’s the trip to the airport and then there’s the airplane…
…the plane…
Still a transition, still more time to yourself.
Precious thinking time.
In flight entertainment, time to read, time to write, time to reflect.
First instances of culture shock…
First instances of your references changing…
Time to stop, time to pause.
All my life watching this culture…how come this country, or rather this city, has become such a big part of my life? Do I really know this country? Do my realities merge here? Does it all blend now? Or does it?
He was right; he knew it was going to happen.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Thou shall not (bus) stop...

"I'm tired of her commandments!
I don't belong to this religion! Do you??? Oh well, I guess I follow it sometimes.
Do you want to sin with me? Let's pause! Let's sin!!!
How about tonight?
How about this weekend?
How about tomorrow at lunchtime?
Oh, oh, oh! I tell you what: Let's not even plan it! Let's give ourselves lots of small pauses! That'll make the sin even greater, even more fun!
She's so capricious! She stomps her big manly feet and demands that I keep going. I mean, ok...it is only under her pressure that you appreciate pauses so much. She gives so much though. Too much? Do you appreciate it?"

Are you overexposed?

Are you burnt? Overexposed to what she has to offer? Well, put some cream on the burn and think about how you can approach her next time; how you can embrace her without getting burnt. Oh, and don't leave the shutter open for so long when you take pictures of her...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

And then the tree said:

"So, you think we can help each other out then? Do you reckon? Don't know...The thing is, i'm not blue like the sea, that you are so fond of and to be quite honest i'm not really nature at its wildest...I've just been put here, you know?"

and then the little girl responded:

"Oh, come on tree, you know i'm not really asking for anything...I'm just suggesting for you to be a point of reference...A kind of visual emergency exit i guess...I promise i'll look at you and appreciate your presence every day! So, what do you think?"

Thursday, January 11, 2007

On the shore...

that's home...somewhere between the sea and the earth...neither over nor under the water...somewhere in between...and everywhere...
do you get homesick? well...not really...i don't really know where home is....so i can't miss it...i do miss people though...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006